SWCA Meeting, 19th May 2015 in Bratislava, Slovakia

May 29, 2015

SWCA and WE organized this meeting at which over 90% of the Slovakian watercooler industry was represented.  The aim of the day was to talk about the latest industry developments, meet some of the major suppliers and promote the benefit of being part of SWCA and WE. 


Gustav Felix, WE Director General talked about industry developments and the importance of creating a strong
Slovakian association. Radoslav Liker, Chairman SWCA and Ab Olde Sheper made a presentation on the existing market structure, who are the major players and what is being done by SWCA to help the watercooler industry.

Delegates learned that valuable documents were available to them as members of WE to help expand their
businesses in a professional way:

• WE-Technical Manual (in Slovakian)
• Code of Good Hygiene Practice for BWC (in Slovakian)
• SWCA Quality Check List
• Why become a SWCA Member
• Benefits of SWCA Membership for own Business

Further presentation were made by Alex Mezquida from NSF on the importance of the association audit;  Debora Screpanti from Blupura;  Piergiorgio Burattini from Cosmetal, Francisco dos Santos from Activewhere and Tatiana Shakhray from Oasis.

The organisers hope that representatives from the smaller companies will attend the next SWCA meeting to learn how it can help their business in future.