EBWA is now WE, higher standards of quality for members

September 5, 2011

What’s in a name? Actually, a lot.

EBWA not only changed its name to WE; this is just the first step of a long process in which the association turns to a new approach, looking for a better way to communicate and benefit its members.

The European Bottled Watercooler Association was born in 1993, and since its establishment in Europe, the Association has been an active force in the emerging bottled watercooler market. At that time the Association’s activities were focused on easing the restrictive regulations regarding bottling water in large containers - 19 and 22 litre bottles were not allowed. The establishment of an office in Brussels in 1998 was a turning point for the industry.

In 1999 EBWA changed its structure to become more and more an Association of Associations. In this respect, the Association coordinates the formation in each country of a National Association, through which the individual member companies are represented. This restructuring is in keeping with the representational structure required by regulatory policy-making bodies in Europe.

As you can see, the achievements of EBWA have been large and significant, but in this day and age, these efforts need to be complemented with a strong communication strategy in order to be effectively conveyed to all its members.

A new strategy, a new logo

The Association is now in the process of rolling out a refreshing and effective new strategy that includes relying on a different communication agency, which previously had to prove its capability of making a suitable campaign. Keaton, a Spanish agency, is the responsible for the new direction, including the logo design and the new website.

Keaton’s Creative Director highlights the courage that the Association showed, taking a huge qualitative step towards a dynamic and sophisticated logo that replaced the figurative one, which means moving from a traditional vision to a current —trendy— concept. WE is represented with curves and soft typography, in which everyone can find the principal traces that define ‘water’: fluid, smooth, flexible… and at the same time it is strong and a source of life, refreshing and cleaning environment.

Along with the name and logo change, WE has also revamped its communication strategy with a new website, in which members will be able to find relevant information about the association and industry issues. You will be able to find more information about it here.