Watercoolers Europe – Members Continue to Deliver Safe, Hygienic Water

April 30, 2020

Hydration is essential for our health.  Indeed, it is written in European law that employers are obliged to provide fresh and potable water to employees.  And hydration is no less essential in these challenging times where many people are providing important services to us all and putting themselves at risk.


Watercoolers Europe ensures that national and international quality standards for the water cooler industry are implemented.  Besides existing European legislation, industry members are requested to comply with relevant national legislations. 


Two important documents:  Code of Good Hygiene Practice for Plumbed-in Water Coolers and Code of Good Hygiene Practice for Bottled Water Coolers have received official recognition from the European Commission and European food monitoring authorities.


The Codes of Practice provide the basis of annual member plant and distribution audits, which are required to be carried out by third party food safety organisations.