Watercoolers Europe International Trade Fair

September 30, 2019

Friday 18th  October 2019
Melia Hotel, Friedrichstrasse, Berlin

Debora Screpanti, the Marketing Manager of Blupura and sponsor of the International Trade Fair, explained this event perfectly:

“The WE Fair is the best stage for introducing the greatest innovations to the public. Major players are participating, sharing their ideas and their products. Delegates will have the chance to personally experience the evolution of the watercooler and the water treatment industry in one day; really unique!”

Entry to the Trade Fair is free of charge, but we encourage you to book your place by visiting:  https://www.we2019.eu/en/welcome.html
Here is the list of exhibitors – many new companies to visit as well as our long-standing supporters:

  • 4 Aces
  • AA First
  • Activewhere
  • Acuva Technologies
  • Angel Investment Group
  • Aquisense Technologies
  • ASE Packaging Solutions
  • Bardi
  • Bericap Poland
  • Blackhawk Molding
  • Blupura
  • Canaletas
  • Cosmetal
  • Crystal Mountain
  • Ebac
  • Greif Poland
  • H20 Direct
  • Hodmeter
  • Klaran by Crystal IS
  • KTLC Europe
  • LabelsPlus
  • Monitec LLC
  • Oasis Water Friendly Solutions
  • OP Sarl
  • Palletco LLC
  • Polymer Solutions
  • Sigma Home Products
  • Silgan Closures
  • Teamblue
  • The WCD Group/AirandWaterUK
  • The Well Water
  • Viki Plast