Our Best Wishes for 2021!

January 5, 2021

Dear WE Members, colleagues and friends,

On behalf of Watercoolers Europe Executive Council, may I wish you a very happy new year, good health and prosperity in these difficult times. I would like to thank all WE Members for their continued support and hope that 2021 begins with hope and positivity.

On behalf of the industry, WE continues to work to ensure that legislation and regulatory changes are managed sensibly. WE will continue to play a vital part in creating the commercial environment for which Members, Suppliers and all associated parties can become part of a long-term sustainable hydration industry.

My personal thanks to Members of the Executive Council and Committees who work to advance WE. In 2021 we will be excited to share a number of progressive of initiatives.

We were disappointed to have to postpone our annual event in Lisbon last year, but look forward to hopefully seeing you all in Lisbon in October this year. 

Robert Kadijevic
WE Chairman