Healthy Hydration in Hospitality

August 29, 2019

There is one area where many hotels, restaurants and bars miss out and that’s the opportunities to be gained from serving water.

Many consumers no longer find it acceptable to buy single-use packaged waters as, even if these are in glass not plastic, there is a consciousness about sustainability that wasn’t present even a few years ago. Water chillers and water coolers provide the answer.

This environmental aspect, along with the continuing interest in calorie-free water for healthy hydration, have led to a consistent boost for the water cooler sector.

Ours is one of the most sustainable sectors. The eco-friendly aspect of hospitality systems not wasting packaging or liquid miles in order to serve water is an attractive part of supplying to environmentally conscious consumers.  The hospitality industry could be missing out by failing to provide healthy hydration on tap.

There is a trend amongst a large part of the hospitality trade for self-fill under sink chillers and counter-top coolers which offer a number of benefits to customers. These are very popular in hotels and restaurants and this is a growing trend for bars too. These systems filter and ‘polish’ mains water rendering it as delicious as proprietary bottled waters. It’s water with benefits.