Dublin 2018

November 28, 2018


At the General Meeting, held on Tuesday 16th April in Dublin, Michal Zys, of GetFresh, Poland became Watercoolers Europe Chairman following the resignation of Derek Callaghan of Icon Technology Systems.  Derek was thanked for his hard work in guiding the organization over the last two years. Robert Kadijevic, Chairman of AFIFAE (French Association) was voted as Deputy Chairman and Derek Callaghan as Treasurer. 

Antonio Alarcón replaces Jean-Marc Bolinger (following his resignation) as the Eden Springs representative on the EXECO. 

With the resignation of Valbona Malo of NSF, there are two spaces free on the EXECO – so if a Member would like to contribute to the industry and join this important Committee, please contact Director General, Gustav Felix. 

At the event, WE celebrated its 25th anniversary.  The conference, attended by over 150 delegates heard presentations from

  • Industry statistics: Richard Hall of Zenith Global
  • Organisational Change: Alec McPhedran, Skills Channel TV
  • Mark Gallagher, Formula One guru
  • Workshops related to training, transport, logistics, domestic market, social media and filters

The Gala Dinner at the Guinness Storehouse was a great success, the Aqua Awards were presented (winners) and everyone enjoyed the fantastic Irish singing and dancing entertainment.

The Fair, held on the following day had a wide range of industry exhibitors from across the globe. 

The 2019 event will be held at the Melia Hotel, Berlin 16 – 18 October.