Blupura - Now Part Of The Culligan Group

June 14, 2017

On May 17, 2017, Blupura was acquired by Culligan, provider of residential, office, commercial and industrial water treatment products.

Blupura was founded in 2008 by Luca Costantini and Gianni Grottini, who had a very clear goal to have a positive impact on the world of water refrigeration and water carbonisation.  Since then they have developed a remarkable company, with a unique brand and products, which are now recognised worldwide.

Luca and Gianni will have full management of the company within Culligan.  They believe that there are still considerable opportunities within this market. This strategic move will mean that they will be even more innovative than before.

Luca Constantini said 

“Gianni and I are very happy to be part of such a company as Culligan, with a strong well-known brand and a huge distribution in the USA, and worldwide.  Blupura remains independent, and Gianni and I remain Blupura’s Directors, fully committed to development and expansion.

“We have a passionate and enthusiastic team and we fully intend to continue growing and revolutionizing the world of drinking water, and will continue to service our loyal customers with high quality products”.