ACQUAFAIR - Webinar with Giorgio Temporelli

September 21, 2020

Monday 28th September, starting 10 a.m., via Zoom
Limited places, Registration required

The "Safety and management of dispensers connected to the water network" course, held by Giorgio Temporelli, expert and consultant on hygiene, regulations and technologies for water treatment, will clarify all essential aspects for safely managing dispensers at the point of use (POU).
Contents will provide an indispensable and up-to-date vademecum for owners, managers, and technicians of manufacturers, distributors, and installers of POU systems, and additionally for Security, Human Resources, and General Managers of companies equipped with these systems.

Among other topics, focus on:

  • WATER SAFETY PLAN FOR POU PLANT - What is Water Safety Plan, what is it for, and who is interested in it. How to set one up and how to build a risk matrix.
  • MICROBIOLOGICAL RISK AND SANITIZATION OF POU TREATMENT SYSTEMS - Microbiological parameters; interpretation of an analysis report; plant sanitization; communication.
  • WATER AS A FOOD? - The nutritional and legal significance of water; water quality compliance; food companies; FBO; Regulation 852/2004 and HACCP; compliance with DM174 / 2004, or MOCA declaration?

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