5 Gallon bottle : overall dimensions Standard

December 16, 2015

A new dimensions standard for 5 gallons bottles was approved during the 2015 General Meeting in Roma.

During its life, a reusable bottle has to fulfill several functions:

  • Being handled empty and full, and filled by hand/robots
  • Being cleaned with hot and cold water with use of chemicals
  • Fit for use on different designs of watercoolers, caps, racks and bottling lines
  • Recycled at the end.

This new standard will optimise dimensional interfaces between bottle, rack, and bottling line. It is a complementary action to the “bottle neck standardisation” initiative, which took place in 2009.

This standard is the result of team working sessions, which have taken place with involved Members.  A great many thanks to all for your contribution and this significant step forward.

This standardisation will be introduced into the WE Technical Manual for best practice.