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A New Year is the perfect time to start new routines, and many of the New Year’s resolutions involve trying to lead a healthier life. Choosing bottled water is the healthiest option.


Around two thirds of French children aged between nine and eleven arrive at school insufficiently hydrated. The amount of fluids consumed at breakfast is not sufficient to maintanmaintain adequate hydration throughout the morning and additional fluid intake before lunchtime a therefore needed.


Clearly Filtered says  their test data shows that their filters eliminate up to 99.99% of all fresh water contaminants, meaning  that anyone can obtain pure water from any fresh water source. This includes not only tap water but lakes, streams and park fountains.


Researchers found that teenagers were up to 50 per cent less likely to buy sugar sweetened beverages at stores if they found visible and clear caloric information on sugary beverages, specifically if it was expressed in terms of a physical activity equivalent, i.e. how much exercise it would take to burn off the calories consumed.


The European Food Safety Authority rejected this classification simply because the issue – dehydration - is not considered a disease. It is, therefore, a question of the form of the claim and not its content.


Within an eco-friendly campaign colleges in U.S. have installed hydration stations so that water bottles could be refilled instead buying new ones.


Have you ever been dying of thirst and someone said, "You know, you may have diabetes?"


Research from cardiologists from the US found that water fasting can lower your risk of suffering coronary artery disease and diabetes.