Following completion of the deal,  DSK will be merged into Waterlogic Norway during 2012, aiming at driving  turnover and profit growth from cross-selling opportunities and achieving synergies and cost savings in the combined entity.


In  Eastern Europe,  Russia and Poland remained by far the largest bottled water cooler markets in the region, in terms of units and turnover. However, as new and faster expanding markets such as Slovakia and Estonia develop further, they can be expected to reduce the regional dominance of these two markets.


InstantTrust is able to purify both hot and cold water and can be  installed into any  point-of-use application, from taps to portable  counter top systems and under-the-sink water filters.



Consumption of bottled water will be limited at the Climate Change Conference 2011. Could this be this an opportunity for POU watercoolers?


Within an eco-friendly campaign colleges in U.S. have installed hydration stations so that water bottles could be refilled instead buying new ones.