Researchers found that teenagers were up to 50 per cent less likely to buy sugar sweetened beverages at stores if they found visible and clear caloric information on sugary beverages, specifically if it was expressed in terms of a physical activity equivalent, i.e. how much exercise it would take to burn off the calories consumed.


At lunchtime, exhibitors are offered fifteen-minute slots to explain the benefits of their products and services to visitors. Attending will be industry principals from throughout the UK water cooler industry,: decision makers and buyers, purchasing directors, procurement managers, facilities managers and financial investors.


“This is a major fundraising event for QMH staff and it is for a very worthwhile charity. Whizz Kids provides important support, provision and equipment for disabled children in the UK, and works hard to help improve these children’s lives.”


The trend for turning publicity stunts into television ads has produced some recent marketing gems. But Nestlé and Contrex have trumped them all with this ad for Contrex mineral water.


Wenlock Spring received the visit of local MP, Philip Dunne to ensure the true value of the UK water cooler business is understood as well as appreciated by those who have to spread the message and support healthy hydration.


EBWA changed its name to WE; just the first step for a better way to communicate and benefit the association's members.


WE launches its new WebsiteWatercoolers Europe

The new website is one of the key steps in the communication strategy revamping. It is the core of the new communication strategy that will turn WE into an essential meeting point for the Watercooler Industry.