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"WE has made clear the industry’s concerns within the Food Contact Material Experts Group as well as in meetings with the EU Commission and needs to make sure that EU Member States will initiate infringement procedures against France and other countries which have gone beyond the existing EU regulations with their BPA bans."


«Отрасль переживает трудные времена. Никто не может игнорировать экономическую ситуацию в Европе. Тем не менее, для людей это время заново открыть самих себя.»


"The industry is going through challenging times. Nobody can ignore the economic situation in Europe. Nevertheless these are times for people to re-invent themselves."


"When starting as Chairman I said I would focus on adding value to membership and promised to enhance an open dialogue with members, listening to their input and needs."


“The main challenge for companies and POU Water Coolers is to extend the shelf life of the components of their products. Up to 95% of the components are already reusable due to the fact that they are made of materials such as stainless steel. These materials do not only extend the shelf life of the components, but they enable re-usage following decomposition, so the environmental impact is considerably reduced.”


“I strongly believe that there is still a huge potential for growth in Belgium. The residential market is still untouched and is becoming increasingly open to the idea of having a water cooler at home. POU is still a growing market. Water cooler distributors in Belgium are embracing the POU as well as the bottles and therefore healthy growth is still possible, even if market conditions are tough.”


Shirley Cohen, VP operations, explains how Eden Springs is always looking  to renew and leverage its excellent operational capabilities.