When the industry moved into Europe with the formation of IBWA Europe, Watermark went with it - to never to look back.


Raanan Zilberman, Eden Springs’ CEO following Nestle Waters Direct acquisitions, September 2014


Kalimba rents and sells both bottled and point-of-use coolers, as well as coffee machines and they sell coffee and ancillary products under their private “Kabuna” label. Watercoolers Europe were interested to hear Ab’s views on the industry.


New AWCN Board Members Appointed


As far as the quality of the product is concerned, the key priority for EFBW is the notion of original purity: Natural Mineral Waters must be protected against any pollution and contain no contamination whatsoever at source.


"Blupura was founded with the very clear idea of manufacturing and offering the international market a new angle on POU coolers – innovative and eco-friendly, thanks to the use of natural fluoride-free compressors with a unique Italian design and stylish materials like aluminium and glass."


Prof. Dr. Petra Lührmann recently conducted a scientific study which assesses the impact of water coolers on human health.