I am honoured to be taking over the position of Chairman from John Dundon, who has done so much to develop WE over the last two years.



Our key success factor relies in being able to satisfy any need in relation to water provision.


I think that the watercooler market in France has evolved significantly. After the decline of the BWC market, we have seen a stabilisation, with customers looking for better quality products and services.


WE Rome EventInterview

"We have a bright future ahead of us as we continue to see the incorporation of both Bottled Water & POU hydration solutions into the business model of all our National Association members."


The aims of WI are to promote initiatives aimed at improving the scientific and technical level of the business and to demonstrate the level of excellence achieved by our manufacturing associates.


When the industry moved into Europe with the formation of IBWA Europe, Watermark went with it - to never to look back.


Raanan Zilberman, Eden Springs’ CEO following Nestle Waters Direct acquisitions, September 2014