A new dimensions standard for 5 gallons bottles was approved during the 2015 General Meeting in Roma.


Cosmetal has developed a catalogue app, making it possible for customers to download to their smart phones or tablets an interactive multimedia version of the Cosmetal product catalogue.


A new report by global market specialists at Zenith International concludes that the UK, France, Germany, Italy and China offer the greatest prospect for liquid water enhancers after their success in the US since they were first launched in 2011.


The new technology, SAFEPATH CU + offers continuous protection against the bacterial contamination of water dispensers.


“Мы объединили стабильность и стиль, чтобы обогатить опыт наших потребителей», говорит Raanan Zilberman.


“We have combined sustainability with style to enhance our customer experience” Raanan Zilberman says.


Customer Service teams are able to plan and schedule sanitizations, filter changes and general maintenance work in advance, avoiding stock shortages and any delays which might cause water coolers to be out of service for short periods.


“We call it “Blue Packaging” – and it is a commitment we have pledged for the sake of our customers, our environment, future generations and for the further development of our company, ” Robert Obermayr.


The new Aqua Express 25, also referred to as the AE25, exchanges a returned empty five-gallon water bottle for a deposit credit, and then allows the customer to purchase a pre-filled five- gallon bottle of water. The machines will be placed outside major national retailers, convenience stores/gas stations, big-box retailers, and Supermarkets.


Companies in the water cooler industry work every day to innovate and improve – distributors, bottlers, laboratories and suppliers share their achievements to build up industry excellence and benefit consumers.