A new market report from Zenith International says the East European water cooler market climbed to a record 1.9 million units installed at the end of 2013, up 9.9% on 2008.


Члены Вотеркулерс Европа могут проверить, соответствуют ли регламенту маркировка на их собственных бутылях, обратившись к Техническому Мануалу на сайте.


WE Members can check that their own bottle labels meet the regulations by referring to the WE Technical Manual in the Members Section


The total number of cooler units grew by 0.8% according to Iva Hatzold, a market consultant from Zenith International,


The EFBW supports World Water Day and its message to work toward a better coordination of energy and water planning so to reduce inefficiencies and maximise the use of our water resources.


Это возможность для Европейской Ассоциации Кулеров для питьевой воды положить начало созданию соответствующей аккредитации.


An opportunity for the European Watercooler Association to take a lead creating a credible accreditation.


It is encouraging to see so many WE members considering and implementing such diverse options and paths to profitability.


While all businesses may not yet have integrated CSR into their overall business strategy, companies in the water cooler industry pay a lot of attention to this activity area. Eden Springs, Nestlé and Angel Springs are some of the European Watercooler industry members that focus on and investing in CSR and related actions.


“We thought that the initiative was a very positive way of giving everyone a happy, relaxing time, particularly because everyone is experiencing a lot of worry at the moment due to the financial crisis.”