Hydration in the summer timeHealthy Hydration

Providing hydration through water dispensers is one of the best and most convenient ways of providing healthy, safe and hygienic hydration.


There is one area where many hotels, restaurants and bars miss out and that’s the opportunities to be gained from serving water. Water chillers and water coolers provide the answer.


And the Heat Continues!Healthy Hydration

Learn why you feel thirsty, the symptoms of dehydration, and how to ensure you are drinking enough water when the temperatures rise.


Watercoolers are the sustainable choice of drink for businesses, homes and public places.


In Dublin Watercoolers Europe launched three FREE hydration fact sheets for Members to download from the Members section.


Remember to visit the watercooler regularly throughout the day to help stave off winter problems and stay healthy!


Hydration Summer 2017Healthy Hydration

Remember during the summer months we need to increase our water intake.


Hydration in the WinterHealthy Hydration

"There is no longer the mid-winter dip in sales.Consumers are understanding the need for year-round healthy hydration." - Derek Callaghan


Hydration in SchoolsHealthy Hydration

Schools need to get the water message across that water is a ‘cool’ drink in every sense.  Servicing water from a water cooler is a safe, convenient, inexpensive and appealing way to deliver healthy hydration and start good habits early.  WE Members will be promoting both bottled and point-of-use coolers depending on the situation.


'An increase or decrease in habitual water intake has an improving or worsening effect on mood states and physiological sensations' - Dr. Nathalie Pross