Watercoolers Europe is delighted to be an Association Partner of this upcoming event.


The UK water dispense market grew by 2.3% in value to £192 million and by 2.9% in units installed to over 870,000 in 2019.


Watercooler Gigant is a leading e-commerce platform in the Netherlands and supplies bottled water dispensers and filtration solutions to the commercial and residential markets.


At the WE Conference on 17 October 2019 in Berlin, Richard Hall of Zenith Global reported on the latest industry research into the water dispense markets in both East and West Europe.


The UK water cooler market has seen its 6th successive year of growth, a new report shows.  The value of the UK water cooler market has reached the £140 million mark in 2018, Richard Hall of Zenith Global revealed at the British Water Cooler Association’s conference on Thursday 28th March.


Waterlogic UK has announced the acquisitions of Maestro Pressure Coolers and Cariad Cool Water Ltd.


On 11 February 2019 Ardian, a global private investment company, announced the acquisition of 100% Celli s.p.a, which in turn owns WE Member, Cosmetal.


Events in 2019Business

There is a lot going on in 2019 with three major watercooler events: ACQUAFAIR, BWCA  2019 Conference & Trade Show and Watercoolers Europe 2019


Waterlogic, global designer, manufacturer, distributor and service provider of purified drinking water dispensers, is pleased to announce the acquisitions of Maestro Pressure Coolers and Cariad Cool Water Ltd. in the UK.


At the WE event in Dublin Richard Hall, Chairman of Zenith Global revealed insights into the European market.  A full report is available in this month’s “Refreshment” magazine.