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Watercoolers Europe serves as the source of expertise, knowledge and professional resources for the watercooler industry. The Association educates and supports its member companies to succeed in business and protect their investment. See below all the benefits of becoming a member.

So many benefits...

  • WE Community

    Get in touch with more than 300 certified members and associations worldwide to exchange ideas, develop clients, find the best supplier or just say hello.

  • EU Representation

    Watercoolers Europe keeps members up to date on the development of EU legislation and through effective communication and engagement in the political decision-making processes, seeks to influence the drafting of directives affecting the industry on behalf of and in the best interest of its members.

  • Participate in the decisions of the industry

    WE encourages open, lively and collaborative committees. By becoming a member your voice will be heard in the decision-making process of WE.

  • WE supports members’ quality enhancement

    Through education, information and advocacy, Watercoolers Europe is dedicated to supporting members in enhancing the quality of their products and services. For this purpose, the association has developed
    The Code of Good Hygienic Practice, a self-regulatory instrument that ensures that all best practice is incorporated for the benefit of consumer protection..

  • Annual Convention & Trade show

    Each year WE hosts this event where members and nonmembers meet each other with spectacular sales success for WE supplier members that exhibited there. A great opportunity to meet fellow members, potential customers and industry colleagues..

  • WE Logo use

    WE member has the privilege and opportunity to use the WE logo. This logo certifies the member’s compliance with the watercooler industry’s highest standards.

  • WE Technical Manual

    An essential tool to develop, improve and benchmark your various operations and a valuable insight into the prospective market place.

  • Website privileged access

    Privileged and secure access to some web pages, with specific information directly related to the business, training, international legislation, technical and crisis manuals, directories, etc.

  • High quality trainings

    Through high-quality training programs, WE ensures that its member companies produce safe, high-quality products and strictly adhere to European directives and regulatory and legislative requirements.

    • Hygiene awareness courses
    • Bottling plant operators course
    • Distribution depot managers course
    • Watercooler sanitization course
    And more...