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  • Debora Screpanti

    Marketing Manager - Blupura

  • Caroline Elliot

    Chairman of WE International Suppliers Committee & Commercial Director of Crystal Mountain

  • Derek Callaghan

    WE Chairman and Director of Sales EMEA Icon Technology Systems

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Experts Corner

Descaling and Disinfecting Water Coolers

The hot tank of coolers can be descaled using an acid such as phosphoric or citric. Sometimes other internal  parts of coolers need to be descaled and disinfected.

Eden Springs acquires Hungarian company, ClearWater

Through the acquisition of ClearWater, Eden Springs will enter the Hungarian market and add approximately 14,000 machines on location.

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Global study highlights impact of water access on employee wellbeing

A new report on global workplace water consumption finds that workers are happier and feel more productive when employers provide better drinking water facilities.

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Healthy Hydration in Hospitality

There is one area where many hotels, restaurants and bars miss out and that’s the opportunities to be gained from serving water. Water chillers and water coolers provide the answer.

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New UK Trade Body: Water-Dispenser & Hydration Association (WHA)

The UK water dispenser and hydration Industry is being revolutionised by the formation of a new trade body – the WHA (Water-dispenser & Hydration Association). This new association represents the amalgamation of the BWCA and the EDWCA.

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Market Research at the 2019 WE Conference

At the WE Conference on 17 October 2019 in Berlin, Richard Hall of Zenith Global reported on the latest industry research into the water dispense markets in both East and West Europe.

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Cott Corporation subsidiary Eden Springs has acquired Viteau, in a move to strengthen its position in the Netherlands.

Viteau is a supplier of bottled water and point-of-use filtration services in the Netherlands and its acquisition will increase Eden Springs’ density in the region.

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Hydration Sheets for WE Members

In Dublin Watercoolers Europe launched three FREE hydration fact sheets for Members to download from the Members section.

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